Appendix 2

Summary of Stakeholder Issues

Stakeholders Consultation method Issues
State MPs

Presentations and briefings

Site visits and tours

Priorities and coordination


Program milestones

Federal MPs and agencies, including: Department of Environment, Department of Foreign Affairs

Telephone and emails

Site visits and tours

Presentations and briefings

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation conditions

Management of Military Heritage Precinct

State agencies, including:

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Greater Sydney Commission

NSW Treasury

Department of Planning and Environment

Office of Environment and Heritage

Transport for NSW

Roads and Maritime Services

Heritage Council

Office of Strategic Lands

Hunter Development Corporation

Trade and Investment

Office of the Government Architect

NSW Department of Education

Property NSW

Infrastructure NSW



Meetings and briefings


Telephone and emails


Ongoing project liaison including through Multi-Agency Steering Groups, Program Advisory Boards, Program Control Groups and working groups

Industry forums

Site tours and meetings

CEOs Reference Group

Whole of government coordination of investment decisions and delivery

Development of plans for precinct

Sustainability Strategy development and adoptions

Collaboration in accordance with agreed frameworks

Access to buildings/land

Leases and engagement with tenants

Repurposing of heritage buildings

Coordinate transport management and infrastructure

Specific discussion of projects, components and progress against milestones and objectives

Voluntary Planning Agreement and modifications to existing approvals

Regional Park embellishment and use

Provide service crossings to service land

Title production

Councillors and local government staff

Meetings, briefings and presentations

Telephone, emails and letters


Ongoing project liaison including through Project Coordination, Reference and working groups

Asset inspections

Ongoing consultation with Council

Coordination with Council projects

Statutory planning approvals, including: Development Control Plans, Town centre DAs and Voluntary Planning Agreement

Coordinate transport management and infrastructure

Management of community impacts, place making and community development issues

Resolve design and delivery issues

Negotiate subdivision

Council asset handovers

Development commencement, progress, access, road closures, street name changes

Land acquisition and asset handovers

Local community groups

Meetings and presentations

Telephone and emails

Ongoing project liaison including through Community Advisory Panels Reference Groups

Attendance at Community Group Meetings Ongoing liaison through Reference Groups

Development of plans for precinct

Impacts on local infrastructure and properties

Opportunities for community input into studies

Provision of active recreational facilities

Adaptive reuse to secure long term management and ownership

Industry groups and businesses

Presentations/talks at industry events such as business breakfasts, conferences, briefings


Media releases

Presentations to industry groups and conferences

Presentations at events

Meetings and briefings


On site meetings and tours

Telephone, emails and letters

Development of plans for precinct

Interest in development and other opportunities

Impacts on working harbour Impacts on lease arrangements and planning certainty

Commercial outcomes

Servicing schedule and progress

Maintain working relationships

Negotiating access for works

Department of Education, Catholic Education Office, Schools and Universities

University Collaboration Agreement

University Roundtable and Communities of Practice

Telephone, emails and letters


Fieldwork programs

Liaison with school principal

Ongoing project liaison including through Project Control Group meetings

Meetings with academics

Lectures, presentations and tours as part of course

Development of plans for precinct

Access to teaching materials and project information

Facilitating schools precincts

Maximising shared use of school buildings

Shared use of open space

Design, heritage and other aspects of existing spaces

Access to buildings/land

Indigenous groups Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Liaison Committee meetings

Coordinate pre-construction activities

Design of Aboriginal cultural heritage areas

Other indigenous matters

Media – TV news, radio and newspaper


Social media updates

Ministerial updates

Media releases

Development and progress of plans for precinct

Opportunity to explain balanced outcomes at projects