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Message from the CEO

Sustainability is part of our organisation’s DNA, and has been for over 15 years. We have embedded it into every aspect of the work we do.

In FY18, we launched our new Sustainable Places Strategy, which sets Landcom’s future sustainability direction. Our aim is to create innovative and productive places that demonstrate global standards of liveability, resilience, inclusion, affordability and environmental quality. We want to create a legacy of sustainable places for future generations.

We’re well on our way to achieving our goals. In FY18 Landcom was recognised as fourth most sustainable developer globally, and third across Asia Pacific, by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). GRESB is an independent and international organisation that benchmarks annual sustainability performance across ‘environment’, ‘social’ and ‘governance’ aspects of real asset sector portfolios and assets in public, private and direct sectors worldwide. This year Landcom received maximum scores in both social and governance aspects.

GRESB offers voluntary reporting under three main themes of ‘Real Estate’, ‘Real Estate Debt’ and ‘Infrastructure’ to cater for the diversity across our sector. Landcom continues to be the only government land organisation globally to participate in the GRESB Real Estate ‘Developer’ assessment, alongside our private sector peers. In FY18, 903 property companies, real estate investment trusts, funds, and developers across 64 countries participated. The cumulative value of these reporting entities was over $3.6 trillion in assets under management.

We also launched our Healthy & Inclusive Places Survey with the aim of measuring residents’ satisfaction with quality of life in Landcom communities; adopted our Housing Affordability & Diversity Policy to increase the supply of affordable, sustainable and accessible homes; and developed our Sustainability Rebate to help new home owners reduce their cost of living, to be rolled out in FY19.


CEO Signature

John Brogden AM
CEO, Landcom